Training and Partnering Opportunities

Advanced Hair Clinics provides training opportunities for doctors and nurses in the field of hair restoration. Moreover, there are available partnering options to professionals and medical organizations and clinics. The cooperation options are:

  1. Theoretical & hands-on training on FUE hair transplantation. Medical professionals have the chance to participate in a theoretical & practical educational program that includes workshops and hands-on training guided by our highly experienced medical team.
  2. Strategic planning and training of newly founded hair transplantation clinics, located internationally. Theoretical and practical training is provided in the following sectors:
    • Organizational Management
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Consulting
    • Doctors’ & Assistants’ training
  3. Prospective clients’ referrals on behalf of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hair dressers and beauticians are welcomed. This type of cooperation can be enacted between Advanced Hair Clinics and individual professionals or clinics.
  4. Operation of local representation and consulting offices under the brand name of Advanced Hair Clinics. The offices will consult prospective patients, will perform pre-operative assessment, will apply post-operative follow up assessment and will schedule the sessions. The hair transplantation sessions will take place in a selected Advanced Hair Clinics surgical location.


The exact terms of agreement and cooperation, the training protocols, the cost and all the relevant details will be made available to the ones that formally express their interest. For further information please contact the managing team of Advanced Hair Clinics.
Attention: Ms Lili Agiant, tel. +30 210 6980451, [email protected]

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